NOTE: The registration period has been extended for one week until 26th September 2021 – (11:59PM).


WAMY Youth Challenge & Forum aims to provide a platform for young people in order to convey their ideas, views, concerns and ambitions. This program empowers youth by providing and guiding them with a space to share their innovative ideas and solutions.

WAMY Youth Challenge & Forum is an initiative organized by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth “WAMY- Malaysia” in conjunction with the International Youth Day 2021. Our firm believes that “the future belongs to the youth” is reflected through the main objective of this initiative, which is to involve young people in building a better future and a better world.

As the world is going through unprecedented change, everyone; especially youths need to show their efforts by working collectively.  Hence, our program offers the chance to do so to the youth community.

The program will start with a challenge whereby participants will have to develop innovative, sustainable, and applicable solutions to confront contemporary issues in which youths are facing in today’s world in different sectors; such as education, employability, youth advocacy, and startups.

Best 3 participations will be awarded in our forum event that will be organized later this year.


By organizing this program, WAMY aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Empower youth & engage them in decision making.
  • To offer a dedicated space for young people to come with various innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Enhance young people’s capabilities through interactive training.
  • Provide a platform for sharing experiences, lessons and exchanging ideas.
  • Establish a network among youths to find sustainable solutions through effective collaboration.
  • To share best examples of youth’s success stories.
  • To improve participants in project managing skills to go on with their projects.
  • To equip young people with practical knowledge and guidance.


Applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • Resident of Malaysia.
  • Proficient in English; both verbal and written.
  • Age between 15-30 years.
  • Individually or a group up to 4 people.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Passionate, responsible and willing to actively participate in the entire program.
  • Possess an excellent vision for the betterment of youth livelihood.
  • Possess fresh and groundbreaking ideas of problem solutions with a thorough analysis.
  • Demonstrate strong communication.


Ideas and solutions should meet the following:

  • The idea must address contemporary issues related to youth.
  • Genuine ideas from the participants themselves; or significantly improved previous ideas.
  • Applicable ideas that can be implemented on the ground.
  • Creativity in presenting the ideas in the challenge and being able to apply it.
  • Sustainable ideas that go along with United Nations sustainable development goals.
  • Suitable to be applied in both temporarily and spiritually.
  • The initiative or idea must be compatible with the goals and directions of WAMY to serve youth.


Registration opens on 19th of August 2021.
The last submission day of the participation applications is Sunday, 19th of September 2021 at 11:59 PM.

Important note: If the submissions pass the deadline, the submission will automatically not enter the competition.


Selected participants will receive a confirmation email along with the program details. And they will be asked for the details of their ideas and solutions, along with how they intend to implement them (have to submit the Proposal).

Important note: Only selected participants will be informed about the eligibility of their applications.

For more details on the evaluation process click the button below:


Participation in this program is totally FREE OF CHARGE.


3 best participants will receive the WAMY challenge trophy and medals in addition to the cash prizes. First place will get RM 1,000, second place will get RM 600 and third place will receive RM 400. Plus, all the participants will be awarded the participation certificates by WAMY.


For any inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out through:

Phone: +60 11-6206 9335

The Youth Forum will be a popular event, and places are limited. Apply now using the link below:

For more information do not hesitate to contact us