About WAMY Malaysia

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth or WAMY, an international non-governmental organization registered with the United Nations (UN) was established in 1973 (1392 H) with the objective of providing a platform where Muslim youth can get together in an Islamic environment. WAMY organizes conferences, symposia, educational workshops and study circles to address youth and students issues.

WAMY aims to preserve the Muslim identity, to help overcome problems that Muslim youth face in the modern society, and to educate and train Muslim youth in order for them to become active and constructive citizens in their countries. WAMY aims to Introduce Islam to non-Muslims in its unadulterated form, as a comprehensive system or way of life and to nurture cordial dialogue and mutual understanding between different religious organizations.


Pioneer Organisation for Distinguished Youth


A global Islamic organization that serves youth and encourages development among them, through quality programs run by specialized youth workers and volunteers


  1. Increase the Trust of the Community
  2. Geographical expansion
  3. Increase financial efficiency
  4. Effective Participation
  5. Serving Dealing Youth issues
  6. Achieving total quality
  7. Sufficient Media Representation
  8. Enhancing Employee Efficiency
  9. Encourage creativity