IDEATOR: Creative Thinking

On 2 April, WAMY Malaysia Club held a workshop entitled ‘IDEATOR: Muslim Style of Creative Thinking’. The workshop was held in the lecture room, Masjid Al-Adzim, Pandan Indah. The purpose of this workshop is to train all members of WAMY Malaysia Club in running a creative and fresh program.

The trainer of this workshop is Mr Zamri Mohamad began the training with exercise about self-perception towards an idea.

You can analyse the past but you have to design the future. According to Edward De Bono, there are a misconception about creative thinking and critical thinking. Critical thinking is used to analyse and judge. But creative thinking is used to solve problem by design.

Judgement seeks the truth and makes decisions based on the past. Design is putting together what we have in order to deliver the values we want.

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