SPORDEMIC – Sports & Academic Competitions

Under the supervision of the Vice President for Student Affairs, SPORDEMIC competitions was organized on April 6-7, 2019 at IIUM’s sports complex to achieve a balance between joining sports and educational activities which aimed to attract students to develop their talents in both fields. The aim of the program is to better enhance the integration of international students with local students through friendly competitions consisting of: Sports and academic challenges. Due to the success of the program in previous years, … Read more

Mobile Applications Programming Course

Studies indicate that in the coming years programming will be the mother tongue around the world, as programming is one of the most important skills at the present time, as it is most if not all sectors of human’s life. There is no doubt that skills are a priority for employers, and the acquisition of programming skills is an important step in building the capabilities of students at the university level. Mobile Applications Programming Course was held on April 6-7, … Read more

Perhentian Island Trip

The vacation period is considered one of the important periods in the life of university students, because of its positive effect in renewing student’s energy and expanding their perceptions during the semester break. If this period is not well utilized it may have a negative impact on the student’s personality and morals if it is not used appropriately. For this, WAMY Club has organized a trip to Perhentian Island on March 21-23, 2019. The trip aimed to enhance several points, … Read more

Dr. Abdul Raouf Congratulations Ceremony

In the presence of Mr. Majid Badhawi, General Supervisor of the Seminar Scholarship Students in Malaysia WAMY Club at the IIUM organized a congratulation ceremony for Dr. Abdul Raouf Hussain, Assistant Director of WAMY Office Malaysia on the occasion of obtaining an international doctorate degree. The aim of the program is to share the joy and congratulate Dr. Abdul-Raouf on completing the educational journey at the doctoral stage. Scholarship students and members of WAMY club at IIUM participated in the … Read more

WAMY Club Opening Ceremony

On February 15, 2019 in the presence of the Director of International Relations at IIUM, Prof. Dr. Dawood bin Abdul Malik Al-Haddabi, representatives of WAMY Office Malaysia, Ustaz Majid Badawi, the general supervisor of the seminar scholarship students in Malaysia, and Dr. Abdul Raouf Hussain, assistant director, WAMY club held its opening ceremony at IIUM, to be the first club launched for this year. The aim of the program is to introduce students to WAMY Office Malaysia and its programs … Read more

Workshop: Factors Of Excellence In The Institutional Performance Of Student Organizations

In order to raise the level of student work, WAMY Club at IIUM held a workshop entitled Factors of Excellence in the Institutional Performance of Student Organizations, where the course was presented by Pro. Dawood bin Abdul Malik Al-Haddabi, Director of International Relations at IIUM. The workshop was held on 30 January 2019 sought to achieve many goals, most notably the contribution to developing and preparing human resources, and raising the level of student work. The course included many skills … Read more

New Students Induction to WAMY

The International Student Office of the International Islamic University in Malaysia (IIUM) organized an event on 29 January 2019 for the new students for the academic year 2018-2019. His Excellency the Director of the Office welcomed the new students and urged them to exert efforts in seeking knowledge and provided them with some advice on university life. During the program, several entertainment programs, competitions, activities were conducted, and prizes were presented to the participants. WAMY Club carried out several introductory … Read more

TN50 Aspirasi Kelab MyWamy

KENYATAAN MEDIA [MY WAMY CLUB] 16 Mei 2017- Sempena Hari Belia Sedunia pada 15 Mei lepas, ahli Kelab MyWamy telah menghadiri Konvensyen Belia Kebangsaan 2017 yang telah diadakan di IOI Marriot Hotel Putrajaya. Konvensyen yang bertemakan Aspirasi Kepimpinan Bangsa Angkasa telah membincangkan tentang cabaran-cabaran yang bakal dihadapi belia menjelang tahun 2050 dalam bidang sains dan teknologi khususnya cabaran belia untuk lebih melibatkan diri  dalam bidang sains angkasa khususnya menghantar angkasawan wanita pertama negara menjelang 2050. Bukti Kelab MyWamy komited dengan … Read more