Liberation by the Veil

On 31 January 2015, Nisa’ Division of WAMY Malaysia in collaboration with Muslimah Interest Zone & Networking (MIZAN) has organized a program Hijab Event 2015: Liberation by the Veil. This program aims to create awareness about the responsibility among Muslim women to cover their aurah properly, at the same time covers the topic on imaan, aqeeda and akhlaaq of a Muslim woman.

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About 200 participants attended, most of them were young women. The program was officiated by Nisa WAMY Malaysia Advisor, Dr Normah Abdullah. This program also aims to assist and encourage Muslimah women out there to understand more of their obligation of covering aurah, not only to limit themselves from being what they want to be, or chasing the dreams they always want. The hijab that they are wearing is a symbol of devotion and freedom, they are free to do whatever they want because they know why they are created, which is to please only Allah SWT. It is really important for all Muslimah to give their best in whatever they are doing; working, studying, anything that they do in this world is totally lillahi ta’ala.

May this program helps all Muslimah who attended this program in any ways to become His best ‘abid and fulfil our obligation as a caliph in this world. In shaa Allah.

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