Adam & Hawa, Where Are The Boundaries?

On February 7, 2015, Nisa WAMY Malaysia in collaboration with Wanita IKRAM Kajang and Surau Nurul Iman Taman Koperasi Cuepacs has organized a program Muslimah Talk : Adam & Hawa, Where Are The Boundaries? which was held at Surau Nurul Iman, Taman Koperasi Cuepacs, Kajang, Selangor.

The program was attended by approximately 180 participants consisted of men and women in the age range of youth to adult. The program was officiated by Ms. Samsiah, representative from Surau Nurul Iman and followed with du’a recitation by Imam of Surau Nurul Iman, accompanied by the recitation of Surah An-nur verses 30-31.

The program involved two panelists, namely Ms Anfal Saari (Assistant Secretary of the Central Committee of Wanita IKRAM) and Da’i Wan Dazrin (finalist Dai’e Pendakwah Millenia Season-2) with Dr Hanim Salleh (Head of WANITA IKRAM Kajang) as the moderator of the forum. It is hoped that this program will help participants to understand the personality differences between men and women better, and helps in guiding the day-to-day affairs between men and women as allowed in Islam. In shaa Allah.

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