Forum Srikandi Milenia

On 23 December 2013, WAMY Malaysia has successfully organised Forum Srikandi Milenia: Mencari Permata Berharga in collaboration with Jabatan Dakwah KUIS. The event was held at Auditorium, Akademi Islam, KUIS and attracted 300 students of KUIS to join the forum.

Discussing on the role of Muslimah in building the society, this event started with a special talk by WAMY Musyrif Am, Dr Saeed bin Muhammad Al-Awais titled “The role of women in developing the Ummah”. The highlight of the event is the forum session involving 3 panelists; Dr. Normah Abdullah, member of Majlis Istisyari WAMY Malaysia; Ust. Norsaadah Din, a KUIS lecturer and also, Aiman Azlan, a well-known vlogger, who shared their view and knowledge on the topic.

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