Akukah Sumayyah Milenia?

WAMY Malaysia through its Nisa’ Division has successfully organized Multaqa’ Tarbawi Nisa’ (MURNIY 2013), Pesona Bidadari: Akukah Sumayyah Milenia? On 14th September 2013. The event  that was held in Akademi Pengajian Islam, Universiti Malaya was focusing on how to be a good and strong Muslimah in this Milenia. Involving 150 participants, including university students and public, this programme brought forward the topic of Pesona Bidadari: Akukah Sumayyah Milenia? Through 3 main segments which are Forum, Grooming Session and Book Review, this programme in general has achieved its objectives to educate the females to be better Muslimah in heart.

Among our guests in this programme are Dr. Maria Kahar Bahadoor, Ustazah Nina Syazmeen, Pn. Nurul Widyamirza, Yasmin Sidek and also Diana Amir. This one day programme is closed with a short play performed by WAMY Theatre Production.

May this programme will be continued in the next year and will become a great start to be a better Muslimah physically and spiritually. May we all be blessed by Him and will be the Sumayyah of this Millenia.

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