Educational Visit to Indonesia

A Malay proverb said, “Jauh perjalanan, luas pengetahuan.” Thus, parallel to the saying, WAMY Malaysia has sent 10 members of WAMY Malaysia Club for a 4 days trip to Jakarta, Indonesia from 4-7 September 2013. This trip, apart from being a reward to their great contributions towards WAMY Malaysia, is to learn about the culture of the other part of the Nusantara and also to observe the development of Dakwah in Jakarta.

During the trip, there are many places and projects that have been visited by the delegates such as WAMY Indonesia Office, Universitas Indonesia, PPSDMS Project, Cave’s Trainers Academy, Baitul Nadwah for Tahfiz,  Jakarta’s must visit Monas Tower, Masjid Istiqlal, and many more.

Through this programme, the delegate has learn so many new things about Indonesia particularly on its development of Dakwah. Big thanks to WAMY Indonesia for their great welcome and hospitality during the trip. May the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia showered with His blessings, Rahmah, and Barakah.

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