Youth Outdoor Quest

‘Mukhayyam Khariji’ is an annual event for the members; held to foster discipline and ukhuwwah among it’s members. For the year 2010, it was named Youth Outdoor Quest ’10: Merentas Sirah, Mengukuh Ukhuwwah (YOQ ‘10), and was held in 31st Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011. The place chosen for this highly anticipated event is Kampung Sungai Tua and Kem Nur Laman Bestari Eco Resort Ulu Yam.

These two places were chosenbecause it offers an excellent platform for this year’s Mukhayyam’s theme to be executed. The theme for the mukhayyam is “Merentas Sirah, Mengukuh Ukhuwwah” which means to cherish the sirah of the Prophet s.a.w and to strengthen the ukhuwwah among the members. YOQ ’10’s syllabus for the participants was specially designed to instill the themes among them.

In the beginning of the Mukhayyam, Ustaz Dr. Hanafi had delivered an inspiring opening speech to the participants, as well as to the committees and the virtues of the prophets (pbut) especially the most greatest prophet, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Furthermore, Ustaz Hanafi was also able to talk about in great length on how the sirah can be a guider on how to strengthen our ukhuwwah. After the opening speech, the participants was divided into groups and given the task of completing the map of Arabia in silence, as creative as possible.

This task is made to instill the feeling of Ta’aluf among the participants and also to increase their communication skills. These two events – the opening and the map completion of Arabia – were the two main highlights of the day. On the next day, the participants were given a few clues and were asked to scour the area around Masjid Sungai Tua and the school around it. They had to solve several puzzles and also sell a few items to the locals.The participants were also asked to help clean up the Mosque and certain area of the school. This event is a simulation of the Prophet doing da’wah in the open. After the explorace, the participants had to travel to a new location – the Nur Laman Bistari Camp. This travel is to simulate the Prophets (s.a.w) hijr from Mekah to Madinah.After arriving, the participants were given two outdoor activities to complete – obstacle course and rafting.

The obstacle courses were built to strengthen the ukhuwwah among the members of each group. Each obstacle course also have a set of task to be completed.For the rafting activity, the participants had to build their own raft, within a time frame and use their built raft to cross a lake to solve a puzzle in the middle of a lake. This task was design to train the physical as well as mental capacity of the participants. On the night, the module war games were played. Each group was given a candle and they are told to protect the candle’s flame from other groups. Team works is a key factor in determining who won for this module. The war games module took until midnight where the participants and committees rested after a long and busy day. On the last day, two modules were setup. Jungle trekking and khutbah wida’. In the morning, participants had to walk for an hour across a jungle outside the perimeter of the camp. This module was guided by a ranger from the camp itself. In the middle of the jungle, participants were shown how to build traps using small sticks.

They were also given the chance to build their own traps. This module was designed to train resourcefulness amongst the participants if the needs to survive arrived. After completing jungle trekking and returned back to the camp, Dr. Hanafi Dollah gave a short speech on Khutbah Wida’  as to remind the participants and committees on Rasulullah’s reminder to his ummah. A short closing ceremony was held to commemorate the winning teams after the short speech. The mukhayyam was adjourned around 4.30PM and the participants headed back to IIUM, exhausted but fully satisfied.

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