Mukhayyam Syabab

Alhamdulillah, outdoor camp Kelab WAMY Malaysia and IKRAM Subang Jaya went well. It takes two days and one night at Kem Lembah Genting (KLG), Batang Kali. The program held on 25 to 26th December 2010.

The program begins with the qiyam at Manjalara Mosque on Friday night. After dawn prayers, all participants went to KLG with MPV’s. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. When we reached there, the participants continued with ice breaking, remember the name of a friend, and identify potential of participants. There are four groups of Zaid bin Harithah, Usamah bin Zaid, Abdul Rahman bin Auf and Ammar bin Yasir.

It was followed by jungle trekking in the afternoon. Participants went to river trekking, climbing the hill, down a muddy hill, another river trekking and climbing and descending hills. The challenge will be spent. Participants to the track in about two hours.

After that, the participant rested in the river in front of KLG, while listening to tazkirah from each group. In the evening the participants make presentations
interesting. There are plays and poems. Poems by ammar bin Yasir group winning performances.

All participants were stay up  “hirasah” at night. The second morning began with a warm up session, followed by a simple obstacle course challenge. It was followed by a flying fox in the riversAfter all the flying fox, continued with water polo games. It turns into water rugby.  Finally, the program closed at noon and the winners announced. Participants return to the mosque and continued to walimah manjalara Brother Hazim.

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