Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012

 Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012 in collaboration with World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) was successfully held at Gua Longhouse Resort on 15th June – 17th June 2012. This two nights three days activity had been participated by forty two youths from various background surround Miri comprising of eleven male and thirty-one female. The participants had been divided into two male groups and six female groups. Suitable with the theme of “Ketahanan Pemuda”, this program was filled with a lot of challenging and exciting activities such as jungle trekking, martial arts, physical games, performance night, dakwah simulation and etc. Among the most challenging activity was three hours jungle trekking and half an hour walked by seaside at twelve afternoon. During long hours of jungle trekking and seaside walked, participants got opportunity to know more about each others, exchanging tazkirah at a few identified check points, appreciate Allah’s creation and strengthen ukhuwwah between each others. Besides those challenging activities, every female participant also got opportunity to learn on how to cook because female groups have been assigned to take turn in preparing meals from the camp. There were a lot of took away points got by every participants from this Mukhayyam such as practicing the concept of sabar and mujahadah in our life, learnt how to live with minimal resources and achieving the objective of to be a physically strong personnel.

Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012-1

Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012-2

Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012-3

Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012-5

Mukhayyam IKRAM Miri 2012-4

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