Mukhayyam Dakhili UIA

Program: Mukhayyam Dakhili ‘11 (MUDAH ‘11)
Vanue: Al-Amin Gombak & Masjid Sultan Abdul Samad, Sepang.
Date: 16-19 April 2011/ 10-13 Jamadil Awal 1432

This program was organized by Pemuda IPT IKRAM daerah Gombak and WAMY Malaysia in collaboration with Lujnah Tarbiyah, Pemuda IPT IKRAM Gombak, sponsored by World Assembly of Muslim Youth(WAMY).

The objectives of this program are:

  1. Realizing the du’at about their purpose of existence besides of the role of a da’ie.
  2. Realizing the du’at about their responsibility towards the ummah and to strengten the good akhlaq in thier life.

The concept of this program was set by dividing the percentage of 90% of indoor activities (slots and discussion) with the main topic of discussion was Syahadatul Haq, a speech of Al-Maududi. The selection of this topic was aimed to make all the participants know their responsibility which was holded since the first day they were born as Muslim. After they realized that they should convey the message of Islam, we hope that they will not be a “stagnant” or “static” Muslim which only keeping their own body from the hell fire, but to save others also from the hell fire.

On the last day of this program, the participants has been given an opportunity to hear the speech from IKRAM Malaysia President, Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Ahmad entitled “Between the Degree and the Risalah of Islam”. This program had officially closed by the speech from the Youth Leader of IKRAM daerah Gombak, Bro. Wan Hamka Wan Shamsudin.

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