Dr Bilal Philips | Let’s Talk About Love

As part of the 3 day series of lectures organized by WAMY in collaboration with Ummul-qura, Alhamdulillah yesterday 17/02/2011 has marked the first lecture on the topic “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE”.

Dr. Bilal Philips was indeed unique in his approach to the topic, as he vehemently rejected all types of love except that which is for ALLAH Subhanahu wata’la or that which is for the sake of Allah within the rich principles and virtues of Islam.

The lecture has significantly stimulated impetus and intense understanding of real “divine” LOVE; and Alhamdulillah over 400 audiences which include students from different universities and working class Muslims attended the lecture.  Wach out for the next coming event: (FRIDAY KHUTBA AT IIUM SHAH MOSQUE , 1AM. AND THE 2nd LECTURE, 8PM AT THE SAME VENUE).

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