Development Camp of Muslim Daie

Program: Development Camp of Daie Muslim
Venue: Setiu Agro Resort
Date:  2 – 4 February 2011M / 29 Safar – 1 Rabi Awwal 1432H
This camp has gathered 18 participants male and 32 female participants. They are composed of students from higher learning institutions around the state of Terengganu consisted with the Teachers Institute Sultan Mizan (IPGSM), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) and several other colleges. We moved from the mosque UniSZA, commenced operation at 9.00am and arrive at Setiu Agro Resort at 10.30am. After completing the registration and provide a hall for the entire program, we continue to launch and then the first session with invited speakers and also our facilitator Ustaz Kamarul Salam. Before that, the program director Mr. Wan Mohd Redhuan bin Wan Azmi give some briefings for the entire program and followed reciting the Al-Quran from Mr. Mohamad Nurul ‘Alimin bin Mohd Hasarudin.
The first slot is an introductory session (taaruf) among all participants. Then participants offer the chicken rice which is brought from the Gong Badak, Kuala Terengganu. After Zuhr prayer, we began the introduction to the author of the book is used as the reference Syeikh Ahmad Ar-Rashid. At night, we are exposed to the idea that one must believe the system is believed to restore the teachings of Islam. Before sleep, memorizing session’s verses of the Quran which has been repeated again before sleeping and after that we could exchange views on experiences in their respective universities.
In the morning, we have done individually qiamullail and continue with Subuh player. We had also inserted a seven-minute lecture slot (KULTUM) are assigned on a rotation basis by each participant at a time of prayer. This is supposed to build confidence of participants to convey their knowledge in an effort to get closer to the Muslim community. As usual, Ustaz Salam Kamarul leading the third slot for the camp until Zuhr. We have always emphasized that the closer to the Almighty Creator to create a Muslim super identity.
That evening, participants are asked to play in ensuring the quality of a Muslim that would require the strong body. Thus, male and female participants are divided by their own leisure activities. The boys take advantage of that time with military-style game called ‘War Games’. It is testing the stamina of the players so close their ukhuwwah.
At the slot that night, continues with the importance of understanding the faith that we carry. Recently, the state of society is immoral, certainly a Muslim requires a high power of faith to avoid and avoid the bad elements who always try to influence ourselves. Participants viewed still excited though tired to play this afternoon. Upon completion, participants should be spent memorizing verses they memorize and then go to bed early.
On the last day of the camp in question, the speaker brings the participants to reflect the effect of charging-charging the runs. The closing session was performed with a simple explanation of the establishment of WAMY Malaysia (WAMY) by Wan Mohd Redhuan his program as well as representatives of the Organization WAMY Malaysia (Terengganu), and finally opened by Mr. Ahmad Sabri Bin Mohd Yazid also the advisor for this Camp Development Daie Muslim. Finally, this program very useful and ongoing session should be planned to ensure that each participant is able to be a Muslim is excellent. Council adjourned at 1tengah day for Friday prayers.
Prepared by,
Khalid Ikhsan
(Secretary of the Camp Development of Daie Muslim)
8 February, 2011

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