Youth Day Registration

WAMY – Youth Forum & Challenge Registration

Please fill in the application below and make sure all your personal information are accurate.

Please provide any of your social media accounts. For example
Briefly explain your role and whom you worked with e.g. organization or...
Please explain briefly what are the personal or professional reasons that made you join this program.
If you are participating in a group, each member must also submit an application. As for the following questions all members must provide the same information.
Please explain briefly what problem or issue facing youth that your solution is centered around. You may add links to any reports or news about that issue if you will.
Please explain briefly how do you intend to solve that issue or problem and how can we help you to achieve that. Remember, it has to be Genuine, Creative, and Applicable. We will contact you for the full details and your plan to execute and how we can help.