Career Opportunities

WAMY focuses on youth development, both spiritually and professionally. We offer the chance to learn and gain experience in a dynamic and cohesive environment. Our staffs are equipped with the skills required to excel in the most demanding situations.

We invite suitable candidates to apply for the positions below:

Da’wah Content Analyst

Prophet Muhammad SAW was sent as a messenger and a model for mankind. His whole life was centred on his main task of da’wah or inviting people to Islam. Thus, it is well known to all Muslims worldwide that the responsibility to do da’wah is no longer an option. We are living in a highly-manipulated world where good values are no longer respected and practiced, lies are actively propagated and truth mysteriously concealed.  Therefore, all da’wah channels need to be leveraged on, as a means to rebut the misinformation and unravelled the truth and beauty of Islam.

Digital Da’wah (DD) is one of the initiatives, da’wah through the use of the digital medium and the internet. The project shall utilise an internet portal as the main platform, supported by social media.

The objective of DD is to share the blessings of Islam with all people of the world through the digital channel. Embracing Islam as a way of life is a difficult journey today, given the various misgivings, misinformation about Islam and demonising of the Muslim community. DD aims to portray the true picture of Islam as presented by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The Dawah Content Analyst shall undertake studies, generate da’wah contents and assist in dissemination work for the DD Project.

The candidate must be highly dynamic, fast learner, with a good personality and familiar with the diverse cross section of the Malaysian and global community.

The position reports directly to the DD Project Director, Emeritus Professor Dato’ Abang Abdullah Abang Ali.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Develop themes, topics, and materials for DD.
  2. Conduct desktop studies and data collection.
  3. Participate in dissemination work.


  1. Possess basic knowledge and skills in research and social media, and able to contribute as content creator.
  2. Proficiency in English, and with good computer skills.
  3. Strong commitment to da’wah.
  4. Self-starter and quick learner.
  5. Minimum qualification – a university degree.
  6. Fresh graduates may also apply.

Employment details:

  • Full time, and long-term career position.
  • Based in WAMY Malaysia, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.


  • Negotiable, depending on qualification and experience.

Those who are interested to apply may send in their Resume, together with a passport-size picture and a cover letter to